Education And Experience

Research Scientist, Lyft Inc. (2016 – Present)

The challenges at Lyft are multi-faceted. At Lyft I use various techniques (ML, optimization, inference, experimentation, elasticity estimation, signal processing, etc.) to deliver impactful business solutions. I work with technical and non-technical partners to enable the efficient operation of my team, and to deliver the science products that are entrusted to my team.

A few of the projects that I have been involved with include setting up a price optimization system for long term revenue maximization, developing dynamic pricing algorithms, setting up a platform for rapid model development and validations in the locations and mapping team, using machine learning to estimate the customer price elasticity, using particle filters for localizing and map-matching drivers on the road network, etc.

Miller Research Fellow, UC Berkeley (2013-2016)

The Miller Fellowship is a prestigious post-doctoral fellowship awarded to about 8-10 fellows across all sciences every year at Berkeley. As a Miller Fellow I worked with my mentor, Prof. Robert Ritchie, to develop an independent research program investigating fracture and deformation in a wide variety of materials.


  • Ph.D., Theoretical And Applied Mechanics (Now part of Mechanical Engineering) , Cornell University, 2013. Dissertation available online.
    AdvisorProf. James P. Sethna, Department of Physics, Cornell University.
    Minor advisors: Prof. S. L. Phoenix, Prof. S. I. Resnick, Cornell University
  • M.S., Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2008. Thesis available online.
    Advisor: Prof. Tamas Kalmar-Nagy
  • B. Tech., Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 2004
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